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Welcome to Tiger Eye Home Inspections, your source for reliable and thorough home inspection services for Indian Land, SC & Beyond.

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Experienced Inspectors

Our team of skilled home inspectors brings years of expertise and a keen eye for detail to every inspection. We understand the importance of accuracy and reliability in our assessments.

Customer Focused

Your satisfaction is our priority. We provide clear, concise reports and take the time to explain our findings, ensuring you have a complete understanding of your home's condition.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a wide range of home inspection services tailored to meet your specific needs. From general home inspections to specialized services like mold and radon inspections, we cover every aspect of your home.

Our Services

A thorough examination of your home's major systems and components, including the roof, foundation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more.

Regular inspections to help you stay ahead of potential issues and keep your home in excellent condition.

Detailed inspections of roof coverings to identify damage or wear, preventing costly repairs down the line.

Safety and stability assessments for your deck, ensuring it meets current standards and regulations.

Comprehensive checks for leaks, blockages, and other plumbing issues that could affect your home's functionality.

Detection and identification of mold growth, protecting your health and your home's structural integrity.

Accurate measurement of radon levels to ensure your home is free from this silent threat.

Advanced technology to detect hidden problems such as water leaks, insulation gaps, and electrical issues.

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At Tiger Eye Home Inspections, we are committed to ensuring the safety and quality of your home. Trust our experienced home inspectors to provide the insights you need to make confident decisions about your property.

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